Two Poems

I wrote two poems recently, and thought I’d share them here. Enjoy!

“Modern Poetry”

I’ve never cared for modern poetry.
The rhythm, the rhyme scheme, the entire thing,
Wrapped in a pretentious coating of description.
Set to music the whole thing changes,
Shifting into a new creation.
The story no longer tied to ground
Free to soar and float up to the sky.
But poetry is different
Speaking the words alone,
Trying to sound deep,
Filling a void that words cannot change,
That words cannot fill.
Music, it is said, speaks when words are not enough.
When words leave us behind
Music speaks, steps up.
Alone, this is a poem, pretentious word vomit.
A frantic attempt to fill the void.
Poetry can be epic,
Poetry can be beautiful,
But it can be trite,
Full of ways to wear a mask.
Either to hide pain or add more to a life.
Filling pages with “deep thoughts.”
Step back, hum a tune,
Allow the music to wash over you,
To fill your heart, to calm your soul.
I’ve never cared for modern poetry,
Unless it’s set to music.

“Thought Spirals”

Thought spirals, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks.
The world spins, faster faster faster, no chance to breathe.
Full of fear, scared of shadows, jumping at twigs.
And thoughts spin spin spin.
Spinning on as I struggle to keep up.
Another thought pushes in, breaking the chain.
Pausing the spin, freezing the spiral long enough to breath.
Long enough to remember
The thing that helps most.
Falling to my knees,
Looking up, crying out,
Breathing deep, the spirals done for now.
Soon, it begins again.
And always ends the same way.
With me on my knees.


Things I’m Currently Obsessed With

So, as a fun and hip blogger, I wanted to share with you the top ten new (to me) things that I am currently obsessed with (not the usual things, extra things).

Again, these things are relatively new to me, so take that with a grain of salt. These are not necessarily new things (I may not actually be that hip).

10. Coloring books. I have always loved coloring, so this recent trend of more complex pictures has been great to me!

9. The Gilmore Guys Podcast. I know, I’m listening to two guys talk about the show Gilmore Girls, and probably going way more depth than probably needs to be spent on even that wonderful show, but oh my gosh. These guys are hilarious, the show is fun, and there are worse things to play while walking to school.

8. My car. I have a Prius, and it is fantastic. It runs like a dream and gets great gas mileage.

7. Quite a few books, but that’s a whole other post (if it’s not up already, it will be soon!)

6. Pearls. I recently rediscovered the pearls that I got from my grandmother and great-grandmother (two separate strings!) and remembered just how classy and ladylike my pearls made me feel.

5. Hunchback of Notre Dame, the new musical. Oh. My. Gosh. It has all the magic of the Disney movie (let’s be real here, that movie has a fantastic score), while adding in some of the darker elements of the amazing novel by Victor Hugo. It’s well worth a listen.

4. The Book of Ruth. In my Bible Study, we recently finished the Book of Ruth, but for a short book, there’s so much to dig into! I haven’t quite moved past it (like, I bought a couple commentaries. That’s how interested I got. Now, I bought them for three dollars a piece, but still).

3. Con Man. Staring Alan Tudyk, it follows this actor who played a pilot in a tragically canceled Sci-Fi series that only lasted one season, but has hardcore fans. It’s just delightful, and Nathan Fillion is also involved. It calls to mind the amazingness of Firefly, and though there is some bad language (PSA), it’s pretty funny.

2.The “Cize” workout with Shaun T. It’s hiphopping your way to fitness, which sounds like exactly the thing I could hurt myself doing. I’m sure I look hilarious, but it’s a ton of fun and I’m loving it!

1. Hamilton the Musical. I can’t begin to explain how much I love this, but I’ll try. I’m a historian who loves musical theater, so Hamilton, which takes the two and puts them together in a fun and foot-tapping way, was destined to become one of my favorite things. Just, if you haven’t listened to Hamilton yet, do it. Just jump on that bandwagon.

Bonus: I am also obsessed with this particular VlogBrothers post, where Hank rants about books. Go to this link: <; and have a wonderful time listening to this rant.