I wrote this blurb for my blog on Blogger that I used during my adventures in South Dakota and on the ocean. It seems appropriate for here (with some edits): 

“I am a historian, an archaeologist, a tallship sailor, a reader, a writer, an animation nerd, a scholar and a learner. I am a teacher, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am a beloved daughter of the King of Kings and I am a witness to His power, grace and unfailing love daily.”

This blog will contain all the whimsy, snark, and hope that one excepts from such a person. In an attempt to maintain a sunny outlook on life, however, an empahsis will be placed on hope. Posts will range from the ridiculous to the serious, some looking at books and film, others at Scripture or a tough lesson from my own life that will, maybe, help someone else going through a similar issue. Or at the very least, provide some entertainment.

Apparently, I am a hoot. Or so they tell me.


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